Jaeckle Centre


The Jaeckle Centre is pleased to announce our partnership with Grove Virtual Academy, a locally-based, online school that caters to the academic needs of equestrian students.

Through Grove Virtual Academy, powered by K-12, students are able to fulfill their academic needs, despite being away from the classroom.



We understand that a student’s success in online education requires a huge amount of discipline and self-motivation–qualities that our equestrian students possess in abundance!  The primary appeal of the Grove Virtual Academy program is flexibility, allowing your students’ daily schedules to accommodate even the most rigorous travel and training schedule. Students have the flexibility of meeting weekly with school founder, Randall Bedwell, or his subject matter specialists. These ACT/SAT test prep tutors, educational psychologists, and other colleagues are available for one-on-one academic support to help students fulfill their collegiate ambitions.


We believe that our partnership with Grove Virtual Academy will provide a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to reason analytically, think creatively, and argue critically. The collaborative, extracurricular activities in which you students will engage will cultivate lasting friendships and meaningful service to the community. The supportive partnership between The Jaeckle Centre and Grove Virtual Academy will foster independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in your student.



Our mission is to create a balance between equestrian passions, rigor, and academic accessibility. We hope you consider Grove Virtual Academy for your student’s educational needs and allow them to pursue their passion while earning a world-class education.


Teresa Jaeckle


Enrolling Now!  New cohorts start monthly.  Call 615.714.0139 or email Randall@CollegePathConsultants.com