Mission Statement: We engage and support motivated independent learners with an accredited and proven online high school curriculum and seek to remove barriers that keep students from reaching their true potential.


Empowering Motivated Students

We empower students to fully commit to their chosen field of performance while they also demonstrate their academic commitment, social responsibility, and a passion for what they do best. This may include:

  • Equestrian
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Individual sports: Tennis/Golf
  • Teams: Soccer/Lacrosse, etc.
  • Specialized Academic Pursuits

Our full-time students include:

  • Competitive athletes and performance artists
  • Those not adequately challenged by their local public schools
  • Students bullied in their traditional schools
  • Parents looking for alternatives to a rigid school schedule
  • Students with learning needs are not met by local public schools


Teens enroll as part-time students to:

  • Complete summer classes to reduce course load
  • Graduate from high school early
  • Catch up on classes missed because of extracurricular commitments
  • Engage in more in-depth study of a topic

Enrolling Now!  New cohorts start monthly.  Call 615.714.0139 or email Randall@CollegePathConsultants.com